Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here's some more photos from the past few months...

And we still have a shit load more to put up. We'll try to get to those soon. There are some pretty funny ones. We even have a photo of a confrontation between a current Roman and a Roman from 2000 years ago. Soon...

One of the Great Lakes. After this we ate Thai food in a college cafeteria and then played in a mock Bavarian beer hall to a small crowd.

I don't remember why but for some reason Charles and I were both in awful moods this night. We hotboxed the van and sat in there sulking listening to sad Bo Diddley ballads. Marco saw us being a couple of sad-sacks and came into the van with a coffee and a funny hat and spoke in a funny voice and cheered us up. The best thing about Marco is his positivity. You can always count on him to be fun and in a good mood. The second best thing about him is how handsome he is, which definitely helped attendance at the shows.

Marco is embarassed about his toe-nails and wouldn't let me take a picture of them. I denied his request to put my camera away while his socks were off, so he spent most of the night shielding his feet with his hands. I have no room to laugh really, as my toenails are about 17 times more disgusting than Marco's.

After the Horrors/Crocs gig in San Diego, we had a party at my house. And by house, I mean studio apartment. We crammed about 20 people into the one little room I live in. And since we're scared of our neighbors complaining about noise, we let everyone smoke cigarettes in the house. I didn't notice the stench this created until the next day, when I left and came home to the realization that my house now smelt like someone had been smoking cigars through their asshole with all the windows closed.

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