Thursday, July 29, 2010


When I was in 5th grade I hung out with this kid Brian. He lived with his mom and his sister Wendy and he had this older Marine brother who came home every few months. We used to get into a ton of trouble together. He was the first person I smoked pot with - we would walk like little zombies to the circle k and buy hot dogs and play video games and walk to the polluted creek by Community Park. It was at that creek at Community Park where we got in a rock fight Tom Judd and his white-trash cousins. No one actually hit me dead on with a rock but one bounced up and got me in the nose and I got a nosebleed and sort of ran off a little bit and hid but I remember seeing Brian crying and throwing rocks with more violence and fury than I'd ever seen before. He hit one of Tom Judd's asshole friends in the head and it gushed blood and everyone scattered. Brian was in hysterics, crying and shaking and kicking and spitting. I closed in on him, slowly, and talked him down; "Brian-- calm down buddy -- calm down--calm down" and he eventually calmed down and folded into himself and sobbed.

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