Monday, November 1, 2010


We were honored to meet one of our favorite songwriters, Dan Treacy, on our trip to the UK last month. He came out to one of our shows and we made fast friends. Later that night we were scheduled to play a short acoustic set on John Kennedy's show on XFM. Dan agreed to come with us and perform an old Television Personalities song on the air. At the last minute (5 minutes before show time!) he changed his mind and quickly taught us a new (brilliant and beautiful) song called "Not a Bad Bone in My Body". This man is one of the more underrated songwriters in recent memory and this song, even in it's rough and unrehearsed form, shows that he still has it. Very honored that we were able to play with him. Check it out HERE.



  1. love the track. dan is a massively underated songwriter.
    take care
    paul groovy