Thursday, March 31, 2011


1) Andy spider-walks up the wall while Marco gives off a very seductive musk
2) "EVERYONE in this room would marry me right now, if I were willing."
3) Tongue Duel
4) We may have to spend the majority of our time apart, but at least we get to live together on walls in Rotterdam xoxo
5) Brandon, Gigsy and Shaun prepare for the threesome
6) Terminator XXXIIIIV
7) Playboy Bunnies
8) Be careful what you do in Luxembourg, the Duke and the Duchesses eyes are on you at all times!
9) This is what Marco looks like when I'm drunk
10) Andy and Anna ate the brown acid :(
11) Marta is making sure alcohol isn't on Robin's breath before Robin drives us around
12) Some people call Charlie the "Space Cowboy"; he doesn't mind as long as he's not called late for dinner
13) Satanic Anna

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