Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey Hosers, We play three shows in Toronto, all at the Silver Dollar Room, for North By Northeast. First show is tomorrow, Thursday, June 16th and the last one is Saturday the 18th. We'll be playing with Dirty Beaches (our top dog), Chains Of Love, Teenager, and Ell V Gore. Come out!


  1. You guys were awesome this weekend at the Silver Dollar! Packed house all three nights! I'm really glad I got my volunteer position for the festival there because you guys were wonderful and I cannot say enough good things. I'm glad everything worked out.
    Look forward to seeing you again; hopefully soon :)

  2. Hey guys!
    Awesome shows at the Silver Dollar Room! Packed house all three nights! I'm so happy with my volunteer experience working the door there (and no not only for Dirty Beaches!). I'm so glad everything worked out for you guys after that first night. I have nothing but good things to say about you. Awesome live show and awesome people, but I have to ask, what's with the order of men's underwear?! lol
    Can't wait to see you guys again, hopefully soon. Keep an eye out for me next time you are in Toronto I will definitely come out and show some support.
    Thanks for the great time guys!
    Ashley LeBlanc

  3. Ashley, thanks for helping out with the show! We had such a blast. Toronto is soooo fucking cool. And we love that club and Dan Burke. Nobody should talk shit on Dan Burke, that guy lives and loves rock and roll and is committed! Anyway, the underwear; we can only pack so much and we never get an opportunity to wash our clothes. Underwear on the rider is our best chance at having clean undies to wear all day. We just want to avoid jock-itch, as it's the absolute worst.


  4. Jeez- can SOMEONE send Ashley a thank you card.