Sunday, July 31, 2011


I literally used to watch this everyday before and after school. Ed Templeton's part in Welcome To Hell was my guiding light as a pre-teen. This was my reason for existence, at least until skateboarding became overrun with raw jocks and alienated me. That's when the Sex Pistols gave me a new reason for living. This video was also the first time I ever heard Sonic Youth. Fun facts.


  1. You guys are doing perfect musical noseblunt slides as Mr. Templeton on a skateboard. Same fucking way.

  2. That's the nicest compliment, thank you.

  3. wow this made my day! my favorite new band crocodiles talking about my favorite skateboard company toy machine. this inspires me to go skate to your music. you should play hollow hollow eyes for me and my girlfriend tonight cause we love that song and were going to see you guys tonight at the echoplex. anywho. keep up the best, most refreshing, newest, mind melting, awe-inspriring music!