Thursday, October 27, 2011

1) Who you calling "alcoholic"?

2) Jules Marx

3) Robin, the attempted home-wrecker.

4) ???

5) Lady's Man

6) L.H.O.O.Q.

7) Anna is the Gene Simmons of Germany, except she doesn't suck.

8) Just kicking it with our top dog, Lone Ranger, no big. Legalize the national herb!

9) Josh Horrors as a lamp.

10) Grasstache Gonzalez

11) Eh! Andy is half Pomeranian.

12) Frazier is our head of security and he will kill you if you fuck with us.

13) Karl-Heinz and Rheinheld whipped our ass at poker.

14) Public display of affection

15) Karl-Heinz and friend.

16) Andy dresses like a tour manager and Marco doesn't like it.

17) Looks like a dick?